Despite the good result in relation to July, in 2023 truck production is still lower than that recorded from January to August last year

By Aline Feltrin

Truck production performance in August was above July, but still at a slow pace

Truck production in Brazil recovered strongly in August. Thus, the 9.6 thousand units manufactured last month represent an increase of 42.6% compared to the 6.7 thousand manufactured in July. However, in comparison with the 17.2 thousand trucks produced in August 2022, the retraction is 44.2%. The data was released this Tuesday (5) by Anfavea, an association that brings together vehicle manufacturers.

Likewise, in the year to date, truck production is lower than in the same period in 2022. In other words, from January to August, automakers produced 63.5 thousand units, compared to the 101.7 thousand made in the same period of time. last year. Therefore, the negative balance is 38,200 vehicles, or -37.6%.

According to the president of Anfavea, Márcio de Lima Leite, the increase in production in August is not a reason for celebration. After all, the advancement was based on a low number. “However, it is important to highlight that the industry is working to achieve better results,” he says.

Government incentives

In this sense, Leite says that the industry has been going through difficult times. Mainly because of the increase in the price of new trucks, driven by the introduction of Euro 6 engines. Therefore, the number of orders decreased. In any case, he recognizes that Provisional Measure 1175/23, which encourages fleet renewal, was positive.

Thus, the MP encouraged the sale of at least 400 vehicles, which, according to Leite, helps to encourage production. However, he remembers that it is necessary to expand the use of resources. “There is still R$700 million available. However, everything indicates that the program will end in a month,” he says.

He refers to the MP’s deadline, which will expire on October 3rd. If the resources are not used by then, they will be lost. However, until then there is a chance that congress will approve the MP as a fixed rule. According to Anfavea, there is also the possibility of the Government approving a new Provisional Measure so that there is a chance to use the missing resources.

In any case, as published by Estradão, the vice-president of the Republic, Geraldo Alckmin, said that “the fleet renewal program will be extended. Furthermore, he informed that for this purpose, BNDES will offer lines of credit through Finame.”

Bus production advances

Just like truck production, bus production showed recovery. In August, 2,048 units left the automakers’ lines, an increase of 7.6% over the 1,903 produced in July. However, in comparison with August 2022, the negative balance is 1,516 units. In other words, the drop is 42.5%.

Likewise, in the eight months of 2023 the numbers are also negative. According to Anfavea, from January to August the industry delivered 13,490 bus chassis. Therefore, there was a drop of 32.6% compared to the 20,025 units made in the same period last year.

According to the president of Anfavea, the Caminho da Escola Program should be “a boost” for the sector. He refers to the notice that has just been published by the federal government. The new stage of the initiative involves bidding for the purchase of 16,300 new buses. In other words, 4.9 thousand more than expected. The opening of proposals made by manufacturers was scheduled for September 12th.


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